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Good Form Preview - Oaks Night @ HQ

Adam Hamilton's preview

The Game Plan for Melton - with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)

It's always wonderful heading into Friday night after a big winning week and that's exactly what we're doing here after turining a Good Form profit on 5 of the 6 meetings staged since Monday afternoon. As a result we're going to have a pretty good crack at this evening's programme, starting with a 3-legged All-Up, a TAB roughie at massive Fixed Odds, 2 Money Races and a dash at both the Early and Standard Quads!

Best Bets/ All-Up ($50)

Hilltop Hustler (Race 1 no. 9) $2.25
I've been a massive wrap for this bloke pretty much since he arrived from New Zealand and his last start Warragul win, where some pretty handy horses tried to worry him out of it, was absolutely outstanding. Expect him to rocket forward early, lob the chair in transit and drill his rivals into submission from there.

Follow The Stars (Race 5 no. 2) $1.25 TAB Fixed Odds
This fellow is several grades better than any of his rivals here, as reflected by his very short Fixed Odds quote. He may or not get headed at the start but it really shouldn't matter one bit either way.

Chilli Palmer (Race 6 no.5) $1.80
This equine excitement machine was cruelled by a farcical tempo in the Sokyola Sprint last time out and while his sit-and-sprint style will always leave him vulnerable to a muddling pace, I think the huge amount of toe drawn inside him here should ensure he gets the speed he needs.

Best Roughie ($5 Win $15 Place)

Lierre Noir (Race 8 no. 4) $41/$7.95 TAB Fixed Odds

This is more a fun bet than anything else but when you mark a horse at $12 and TAB gives you $41 you're duty bound to get involved. Particularly as there's not a lot between these 4YO mares and luck in running will play a significant bearing on the result.

The Money Races

Race 4 (Flexi First 4's for $70)

The Uncle Petrika Trot is a dead-set four horse race between Aleppo Midas (7), Spidergirl (8), Cold Sister (1) and Brunelleschi (4) where the former two horses look your finest winning hopes. If that quartet comproses the Trifecta we'll just be hoping that Brief Glance (5) or Motu Young Jacob (6) can fall into fourth spot. 

7,8/ 1,4,7,8/ 1,4,7,8/ 1,4,5,6,7,8. $48 gets 133.33%
1,4/ 1,4,7,8/ 1,4,7,8/ 1,4,5,6,7,8. $22 gets 61.11%

Race 5 (Flexi Trifectas for $70)

Follow The Stars (2) is as close to a certainty as you can get in juvenile racing and if he can win and we get a big run from Admiral Broski (1), Artistic Flite (5) or Its Only Rocknroll (8) there's no reason why we won't get a decent result from the Tricks outlined below.

2/ 3,5,11/ 1,3,5,8,11. $54 gets 450%
2/ 1,8/ 1,3,5,8,11. $16 gets 200%

The EARLY Quads (x3 for $120)

9/ 1,2,4,5,7,9/ 1,3,7,8,11/ 7,8. $60 gets 100%
9/ 1,2,4,5,7,9/ 1,3,7,8,11/ 1,4. $30 gets 50%
1,4,8/ 1,2,4,5,7,9/ 1,3,7,8,11/ 7,8. $30 gets 16.67%

The Quads (x4 for $120)

2/ 5/ 1,2,5,8,11/ 2,3,7,9. $60 gets 300%
2/ 5/ 1,2,5,8,11/ 1,4,6,8. $20 gets 100%
2/ 2,4,11/ 1,2,5,8,11/ 2,3,7,9. $30 gets 50%
2/ 2,4,11/ 1,2,5,8,11/ 1,4,6,8. $10 gets 16.67%

Speed Maps

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