Sunday, June 30, 2013

Good Form Preview - Sunday Sesh @ Bray Raceway

The Game Plan for Ballarat - with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)

Best Bet

Tara Toplady (Race 7 no. 4) $3 ($50 Win)

Best Value

Watch The Aces (Race 4 no. 8) $10 ($25 Each Way)

The Money Race - Race 1

1,8,11/ 1,8,11/ 1,6,8,9,10,11. $60 gets 250%
1,8,11/ 6,9,10/ 1,6,8,9,10,11. $40 gets 111.11%

Quaddies (x3)

1,6,7,8,10/ 4,5,6,10,11,12/ 1,2,4,7,8/ 4. $50 gets 33.33%
1,6,7,8,10/ 4,5,6,10,11,12/ 1,2,4,7,8/ 3,8,9. $50 gets 11.11%

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Good Form Preview - Saturday Night @ Cranbourne

The Game Plan for Cranbourne - with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)

It's an interesting night with form-lines popping up from everywhere and plenty of question marks over some horses who will start at pretty short odds but I reckon we can have a crack @ three horses in a little all-up who should all really win. There is risk involved but there's also a handy reward. In fact $50 on the following should yield a result of almost $200 while the Best Values & Roughies could also net a big result along w/ my three staggered Quads.

Best Bets/All-Up

Crosby Cullen (Race 1 no. 11) $1.70
Wounded (Race 2 no. 8) $2.10
Rule Like A King (Race 8 no. 5) $1.10

Best Value

Astronaut (Race 5 no. 1) $21 ($25 Each Way)

Best Roughies

Penny Union (Race 1 no. 7) $21 ($10 x $40)
Ridgehead Cahore (Race 7 no. 11) $26 ($10 x $40)


1/ 1,7,10,12/ 1,2,4,5,8,9,11,12/ 4. $36 gets 112.5%
1/ 1,7,10,12/ 1,2,4,5,8,9,11,12/ 3,5,9,11. $32 gets 25%
2,6,7,9/ 1,7,10,12/ 1,2,4,5,8,9,11,12/ 4. $32 gets 25%

Friday, June 28, 2013

Good Form Preview - Friday night @ HQ

The Game Plan for Tabcorp Park – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)

It’s Vicbred Super Series semi-final & there’s plenty of class – and obvious winners – on display. Unfortunately, semi-finals where the first half of the field home qualify for the final often translate to predictable races but from a punting perspective we can exploit that predictability to our advantage, which we’ll plan to do in spades with the Game Plan outlined below.

Best Bets/All-Up
The class discrepancies tonight look pretty clear tonight so it’s entirely possible we may tip 8 or 10 winners for the night but there are four I just cannot envisage getting rolled. Throw a $50 note on the below quartet in an all-up and you should get back more than $330!

Lennytheshark (Race 3 no. 2) $1.20
The class runner and almost certain leader he will get some competition from Majorlook (6) but should be a shade too good.

Im Smouldering (Race 6 no. 5) $1.70
One of Australia’s most consistent pacers, she should bully her way to the front and w/ little obvious pressure it should be game over from there.

Border Control (Race 7 no. 3) $1.30
No doubting that this bloke, New Zealand’s fastest ever pacer, is the Best Bet all night given his only minor threat, Guaranteed (8), has drawn a horror gate.

Business In Motion (Race 9 no. 2) $2.50
In terms of value, this bloke looks the best single bet all night. He should bully his way to the front from his favourable draw and if he can steal a quarter they will not run him down.

Best Value
Have $5 x $20 on each of the below and I’m confident you’ll end up well ahead.

Keayang Steamer (Race 4 no. 12) $8
This bloke finished 4th in a vintage Chariots Of Fire then had to be seen to be believed when three wide the trip and still charging home last time out. Youranut (1) will be a tough nut to crack but if this bloke is anything close to $8 then have an Each Way wager on him for sure.

Majorlook (Race 3 no. 6) $10
Lennytheshark (2) has a heap in his favour here and should be winning but if this bloke produces his best form he’s just as likely to finish second. I’m not sure the $10 quote will hold p but if you’re getting flip-of-the-coin about him running a drum then go hog-wild.

It Is Billy (Race 8 no. 1) $12
This guy is jam packed w/ ability & finally seems to be showing that little bit of gate speed which will take him to the next level. His last start win @ Yarra Valley was a career best effort and if he doesn’t get buried from the ace alley the $12 quote looks juicy indeed.

Charlie Machsheen (Race 8 no. 4) $17
This bloke is the other one who’ll likely be ignored in what many people are calling ‘Restrepo’s race’. He actually draws to find the front at some point if he begins like he can, so once again, the massive odds are well worth entertaining.

Best Roughie
There’s only one of these but she is worth a straight place tilt of around $25.

Paintball (Race 2 no. 13) $34
I’ve been a fan of this mare for a very long time and even though Real Bonus (2) is the one to beat, if she can get a trail up on stablemate Ourbellabro (11) here I think she can fill a hole at very big odds.

The Money Races – Best First 4’s
Tonight marks the final time punters can cash in on TAB’s ‘Fourtune’ promotion so I have picked out the three best races on which to exploit the inflated pools and jackpots below.

Race 3
2/ 1,6/ 1,6,9,13/ 1,6,9,13. $24 gets 200%
2/ 1,6/ 1,6,9,13/ 5,8,11,12. $18 gets 75%
6/ 2/ 1,9,13/ 1,5,8,9,11,12,13. $8 gets 44.44%

Race 6
5/ 2,10,13/ 2,8,10,13/ 2,8,10,13. $27 gets 150%
5/ 2,10,13/ 2,8,10,13/ 3,4,6,7. $23 gets 63.89%

Race 9
2/ 1,8/ 1,8,12,13/ 1,5,8,9,12,13. $34 gets 141.67%
2/ 12,13/ 1,8,12,13/ 1,5,8,9,12,13. $8 gets 33.33%
1,8/ 2/ 1,8,12,13/ 1,5,8,9,12,13. $8 gets 33.33%

Quaddies (x4)
1/ 1,2,5,6,9/ 5/ 3. $50 gets 1000%
1/ 1,2,5,6,9/ 2,10,13/ 3. $15 gets 100%
7,8,12,13/ 1,2,5,6,9/ 5/ 3. $20 gets 100%
7,8,12,13/ 1,2,5,6,9/ 2,10,13/ 3. $15 gets 25%

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Good Form Preview - Thursday night @ Swan Hill

The Game Plan for Swan Hill – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)
It’s an extremely tricky programme @ Victoria’s fastest track but I’ve found a Best Bet that just should not be getting beaten plus a Value runner one roughie who may run a bottler or do nothing at all & a wide old Quad where Centonic will have to salute if we’re to jag some cash.

Best Bet
Jodies Icon (Race 8 no. 1) $1.80 ($50 Win)

Best Value
Stonethachristian (Race 2 no. 6) $3.50 ($25 Each Way)

Best Roughie
Bet Your Life (Race 7 no. 9) $31 ($10 x $40)

The Money Race – Race 7
7/ 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,10/ 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,10. $42 gets 75%
2,4,9,10/ 7/ 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,10. $8 gets 28.57%

1,3,5,6,7,8/ 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10/ 5,6,7,9,10/ 7. $50 gets 20.83%
* CAVEAT: If the approximate dividends are HUGE then lay off on a few others in the final leg.

Good Form Preview - Thursday @ Stawell

THE GAME PLAN for Stawell – with Michael Polster (@mickpolster)

Today’s meeting looks a very competitive one and I’m going to keep it simple with a couple of Best Bets at what should be black figures and a crack at the Quaddie.

Peaces Of You (Race 5 no. 1) $2.80 $100 win
Knocked off a handy bunch at Hamilton two back and she proved that was no fluke with a terrific third to Born Again Sassy in a strong race at Melton last Friday night so from the ace alley today I think she looks a great gamble.

Amajorfrost (Race 7 no. 5) $2.80 $100 win
He had no luck in his heat of this final when trapped wide the whole way but he looks a big chance of getting the lead this time around and would take plenty of running down should that scenario unfold so I’m going to have a decent crack at him straight out.

QUADDIES X 4 $100 total spend
2,3,4,7/ 1/ 3,9,10/ 5. $22 gets you 183.33%
2,3,4,7/ 1/ 3,9,10/ 3,6,8. $18 gets you 50%
2,3,4,7/ 2,3,4,9/ 3,9,10/ 5. $24 gets you 50%
2,3,4,7/ 2,3,4,9/ 3,9,10/ 3,6,8. $36 gets you 25%

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Good Form Preview - Wednesday Night at Bendigo

THE GAME PLAN for Bendigo – with Michael Polster (@mickpolster)

Tonight’s meeting looks a very competitive one and I’m keeping it very simple with a Best Bet and a crack at the Quaddie where I’ve gone wide in the last two legs in the hope of snaring some value as the best way to attack the program. 


Modern Mary (Race 4 no. 9) $2           $200 win                 
There was a lot to like about this mares first up Maryborough success where she scooted over the 1690m trip in 1:57.3 to knock off some handy types and with the claim for Monique Burnett getting her well into this contest plus the fitness improvement factor I think she will be too good once more despite the back row draw.

9/ 1,6,11/ 2,3,4,8,11,12,13/ 1,4,5,7,9,10,11.  $100 gets you 68.02%

Good Form Preview - Wednesday @ Cobram

The Game Plan for Cobram – with Jason Bonnington
This is yet another meeting where I could not stake my life on any single horse getting the prize but there is one Best Value options and a couple of Best Roughies which will keep us busy along w/ a Money Race, some Quads & a couple of Star Triallers.
Best Value
In Jet Spirit (Race 8 no. 8) $5.50 ($25 Each Way)
The major question mark for this bloke is whether he can hold the back of Maybe Better (1) early on because of he can, he’ll get the gun run in behind the leader and having outsprinted the aforementioned horse from well back in his heat of this race, he should be far too good with such a cushy run today.
Best Roughies
Kremlin (Race 7 no. 1) $10 ($10 x $40)
I’m not sure we’ll actually get $10 about this bloke but he has drawn to get his favourite trip, behind the leader, from his polemarking draw here and if he does – and you’re getting some nice odds – have something small the win and plenty the place today.
Miss Fidelity (Race 8 no. 3) $12 ($10 by $40)
We’ve already mentioned In Jet Spirit (8) as the potential winner of this race, but don’t forget the above mare that was huge in by far the quickest heat of this race at Shepparton. She ran the race of her life on that occasion and should be kept very safe even if she’s much shorter than $12 here today.
The Money Race
Race 6
10/ 4,5,8/ 4,5,8. $24 gets 400%
10/ 4,5,8/ 3,7,9. $18 gets 200%
4,5,8/ 10/ 4,5,8. $6 gets 100%
4,5,8/ 10/ 3,7,9. $2 gets 22.22%
2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10/ 2,3,6/ 10/ 1,2,9,11. $72 gets 75%
2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10/ 2,3,6/ 4,5,8/ 1,2,9,11. $28 gets 9.72%
Star Triallers
Shakamond (Race 1 no. 1) $4.60
This guy is a pacing-bred son of Art Major who makes his debut in a competitive but winnable race having recently claimed two Shepparton trials in pretty impressive fashion.
Charlotte Two (Race 6 no. 10) $1.80
If facts and figures count for anything then this girl is over the line today. Not only does she boast by far the best form of any runner in the race but she has tuned up for this first up tilt with a Yarra Valley trial win where she ripped home in 57.7 to win by 2m 10 days ago.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Good Form Preview - Tuesday Night at Kilmore

THE GAME PLAN for Kilmore – with Michael Polster (@mickpolster)

I can’t really find a best bet on tonight’s program or any horses to back at some value but I am confident of getting some cash via a couple of Money Races and a crack at the Quaddie four different ways.   


Race 4                      
Luke Hobbs and Cool Machrista look to have a class edge on their rivals and it would shock to see one of them miss the top three spots so I’m going to use them as a base in a couple of Trifectas.  Below is how I’m spending $100.

4,5/ 4,5/ 1,2,3,7.  $60 gets you 750%
4,5/ 1,2,3,7/ 4,5.  $40 gets you 500%

Race 7
Fantastic Arden is the one to beat here as she should spear straight to the lead with Riviera Kiss and The Rogue Trader her only dangers and I think that trio look a great base for some First Fours.  Below is how I’m spending $100.

6/ 1,10/ 1,10/ Field.  $42 gets you 300%
6/ 1,10/ Field/ 1,10.  $28 gets you 200%
1,10/ 6/ 1,10/ Field.  $21 gets you 150%
1,10/ 6/ Field/ 1,10.  $9 gets you 64.28%

QUADDIES X 4 $100 total spend
4,5/ 3,5,6,8,12/ 11/ 6.  $40 gets you 400%
4,5/ 3,5,6,8,12/ 11/ 1,10.  $20 gets you 100%
4,5/ 3,5,6,8,12/ 6,8/ 6.  $20 gets you 100%
4,5/ 3,5,6,8,12/ 6,8/ 1,10.  $20 gets you 50%

The Game Plan for Kilmore – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)
There are no living certainties on tonight’s eight-race programme but there is some value to be found & if we target that value plus a couple of Money Races and, of course, the Quad, it does look a card that can be exploited for sure.
Best Value
Tiavons Dream (Race 2 no. 2) $6
He is a beautifully bred juvenile trotter who was huge on debut behind Four Lillies 19 days back and looks capable of being one of Victoria’s best young squaregaiters. Add to the mix the fact that hot favourite Miracle (10) has had a long season and draws poorly here and I’d much prefer to be supporting the new kid on the block.
Best Roughie
Ivantowin (Race 5 no. 11) $12
I’m happy to admit this is a follow-up bet given I’m confident this bloke should have almost won a handy C1 final at Melton last time out. He doesn’t draw the best here but he’s actually racing in very good form and at double figure odds he’s worth an Each Way lash.

The Money Races
Race 4
This looks a great betting race because Luke Hobbs (4) & Cool Machrista (5) look the clear top tips and it’s hard to see one of them not winning and/or either missing a place. Take the below Trifectas and you should return a profit.

4,5/ 4,5/ 1,7. $28 gets 700%
4,5/ 4,5/ 2,3,6,8. $12 gets 150%
4,5/ 1,7/ 4,5. $10 gets 250%

Race 7
A bit like the above Money Race, this one also looks a two-horse race given Fantastic Arden (6) should find the front, Riviera Kiss (1) should hold her back and they should run one-two as a result. The Rogue Trader (10) is the other key runner and he can also feature heavily if things work out to plan.
1,6/ 1,6/ 10 $20 gets 1000%
1,6/ 1,6/ 3,4,7,8. $20 gets 500%
1,6/ 10/ 1,6. $10 gets 500%

Quaddies (x2)
4,5/ 3,5,6,8,11,12/ 11/ 1,6,10. $36 gets 100%
4,5/ 3,5,6,8,11,12/ 6,8,12/ 1,6,10. $14 gets 12.96%

Monday, June 24, 2013

Good Form Preview - Monday @ Warragul

The Game Plan for Warragul – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)
There’s no getting around the fact that Warragul is a dead-set leaders track so rather than trying to find the BEST horse in every race, the challenge is to find the BEST PLACED horse from the draw. It’s a difficult meeting but there are two horses I expect to find the front and stay there at short odds plus a Best Value bet, a Best Roughie, one Money Race and a Quaddie I’m hoping will help us kick the week off w/ a bang!

Best Bets/ All-Up
Franco Seelster (Race 3 no. 4) $2.20
This guy wasn’t at his best last time out but if he can work past fellow fast starter Ocean Bay (2) in the early stages here he should lead all the way.

Mumma Mia Lombo (Race 4 no. 2) $1.90
This girl has a lot going for her today; at the top of the list is the fact that she’s the best horse in the race but when you add the fact that she’s first-up for top trainer Andy Gath, she’s trialled very promisingly at Tabcorp Park in recent times and she’s a better than 60% chance of finding the front then she looks a very solid bet at almost flip-of-the-coin odds.

Best Value
Peace Of Magic (Race 5 no. 1) $7
This is an even race but if the above pacer can hold the lead as expected here he’ll be very hard to run down over the 1785m trip.

Best Roughie
Blissfull Spanker (Race 7 no. 1) $12
I’ve got little doubt that this bloke isn’t the best horse in the race but w/ the established philosophy of the day leaning to those who will lead or race handy on the rail I’m happy to have something small the win and a fair bit the place on this guy because he’ll be leader or behind leader and suited by the tight-turning track.

The Money Race – Race 4
We’ve already mentioned above that Mumma Mia Lombo (2) should lead & win and if that scenario plays out then Now And Forever (1) should be on her back and run a drum as a result. Base two Trifectas around that notion & you’ll know your fate pretty soon after the start.

2/ 1/ 3,6,8,9. $40 gets 1000%
2/ 3,6,8,9/ 1. $10 gets 250%

2/ 1,2,4,6,7,8/ 2,4/ 1,3,4,5,7,8,9. $100 gets 138.89%

Star Trialler (Racing Today)
Mumma Mia Lombo (Race 4 no. 2) $1.90
We’ve already well & truly covered why this mare should be winning first-up today but one of the reasons I’m so keen is the fact she ripped home in 57.68secs to win a Tabcorp Park trial 13 days back before finishing fourth in a strong hit-out at the same track six days later. There’s plenty of pressure on her today but I’m confident she’d up to it.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Good Form Preview - Sunday Night at Ararat

THE GAME PLAN for Ararat – with Michael Polster (@mickpolster)

Quite a competitive little meeting tonight where there looks to be a bit of value on offer and I’ve come up with a Best Bet, Best Value Bet and a crack at the Quaddie as the best way to get an earn out of the program.  


Doey Doeback (Race 1 no. 5) $3                      $100 win
This guy is is a 9-start maiden but he has put the writing on the wall for this with terrific runs at his past two behind smart types Keayang Starzzz and Seven And A Half, both of whom would win this with a leg in the air.  He won a trial at Maryborough recently to keep him ticking over and this looks a great race for him.


Shandon Village (Race 4 no. 2) $7                   $30 win x $70 place
I know there are only 7 runners here so there will be no third dividend but I still think this bloke is worthy of a decent crack each way in the hope that he won’t miss the top 2 as he should find the pegs first before handing up to Itsnewstome and get every chance thereafter.  His form of late at Melton in better races than this has been great.

QUADDIES X 2 $100 total spend
2,3,6,7/ 1,10/ 6/ 1,2,3,10.  $50 gets you 156.25%
2,3,6,7/ 1,10/ 2,3,4,9/ 1,2,3,10.  $50 gets you 39.06%

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Good Form Preview - Saturday Night @ Shepparton

The Game Plan for Shepparton– with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)

Best All Up/Running Double
Race 1
Seven And A Half (5)
Race 2
Purplepeopleeater (7)

Best Quinellas
Race 3
Salem (1) and Giveusagrin (2)
Race 8
Quick Jet (3) and Annacondar (6)

The Money Races
Race 5
6,8/1,3,4,6,8/1,3,4,6,8. $50 gets 125%
Race 6
1,4,8 boxed $30 gets 500%
1,4,8/1,4,8/2,3,5,9. $20 gets 83.33%
Race 7
3/1,2,6,8,10/1,2,6,8,10. $50 gets 250%

2,3/6,8/1,4,8/3. $72 gets 600%
1,4,5,6,8/6,8/1,4,8/3. $28 gets 93.33%

Friday, June 21, 2013

Good Form Preview - Friday Night at Melton

Adam Hamilton's Video Preview

The Game Plans For Melton

Michael Polster (@mickpolster)
The exotics look a little difficult tonight so I’m just going to stick with my Best First Fours as outlined below and then keep it really simple with three Best Bets, two Value Bets, a Big6 and a Quaddie.  Good luck and happy punting!

Best First Fours
Race 1
Youranut looks one of the best bets on the program and he should lead all-the-way with Tara Toplady the one glued to his back so I’m playing the below bets.

1/ 8/ 2,5,9/ 2,3,4,5,6,9,10,11 $25 gets you 119.04%
1/ 2,5,9/ 8/ 2,3,4,5,6,9,10,11 $25 gets you 119.04%

Race 5
Classy mares Beauty Secret and Maastricht should dominate this race and they look a great base for your first fours so play the below tricks.

3,7/ 3,7/ 1,4,5,9,12/ 1,4,5,8,9,12 $25 gets you 50%
3,7/ 1,4,5,9,12/ 3,7/ 1,4,5,8,9,12 $25 gets you 50%

Race 8
Majorlook with be the shortest priced favourite of the night and he should justify the quote with Our Missionary Man and Mister Livan the key ones to anchor your first fours around.

4/ 5,6/ 3,5,6,7/ 3,5,6,7.  $50 gets you 416.66%

Best Bets
Youranut (Race 1 no. 1) $1.60                          $50 win
Unbeaten in seven runs for Ross Sugars since coming from NSW and he looks a horse with a very bright future at metropolitan level.  He has a couple of fast beginners to his outside but he should muster the speed to keep the front and the way he is going at present they won’t be able to run past him.

Cold Sister (Race 2 no. 7) $2                             $50 win
Clearly the class runner here and is sure to take beating despite the car park draw.  She comes off consecutive second placings on this circuit behind quality types My High Expectations and Waikare Patricia (winner again since) in much stronger races whether she gets the lead or sits parked I think she will be too good.

Beauty Secret (Race 5 no. 7) $3 TAB Fixed Odds   $50 win – Click here to back this horse now
HHHas won 3 of her 6 outings this time in, the latest of those an easy Vicbred Super Series heat victory at Ballarat just over two weeks ago, and although she will find this challenging from the car park draw she has a touch of class about her and I think she will prove too strong.

Best Value Bets
Have A Bender (Race 7 no. 3) $3.80 TAB Fixed Odds  $15 win x $35 place – Click here to back this horse now
Was dead game here last week in the Enduro when fifth to Pacific Soul where he did a stack of work in the run after missing away but he can put all of that behind him tonight as this looks right up his alley.  He has a liking for the short course racing, will be parked outside of On The Razzle and will be extremely hard to keep out the way he is going at present.

Smudge Bromac (Race 7 no. 8) $4.60 TAB Fixed Odds  $15 win x $35 place – Click here to back this horse now
This guy wasn’t disgraced behind Decorated Jasper last week after doing the work in the run over the concluding stages and tonight he draws to get a beaut trip behind likely leader On The Razzle and if that fellow gets him to the passing lane in time watch for him to be charging at them late.

1,6,8,9,10/ 3,7/ 1,5/ 3,8,10,11,12.  $100 gets you 100%

1,4,5,8,9,11/ 1,6,8,9,10/ 3,7/ 1,5/ 3,8,10,11,12/ 4.  $100 gets you 16.66%

The Game Plan for Melton – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)

It’s a tricky programme at HQ tonight and I’m half-expecting that the upset results we saw a couple of weeks back might be the order of the night once more. Having said that, I’ve found two races I reckon we can target to try & exploit TAB’s ‘Fourtune’ promotion plus plenty of Value/Roughie options which should keep us occupied throughout the 10 race card. As always I’ll also be having a good crack at the Quad as well so let’s dive in and see which ways to play!

Best Bets/All-Up ($50)

Youranut (Race 1 no. 1) $1.60
Put simply, this bloke is a star on the rise that would be almost unbeatable from any other draw. As it is he looks a better than even money chance of holding the top given he punched through to hold brilliant beginner On The Razzle wide three starts back at Ballarat and the main danger of crossing him, Astronaut (2), draws next door which will make it tough to cross. If he does lead, they won’t beat him and even if he doesn’t he’ll only need a healthy slice of luck to get the prize regardless.

Beauty Secret (Race 5 no. 7) $3 TAB Fixed Odds – Click here to bet on this horse now
There are a number of reasons why I think this mare won’t get rolled tonight but the first of them, that she’s simply the best horse engaged, is easily the most important. Add to that the fact she’s drawn to roll forward and occupy a forward spot while her major danger (in my opinion) La Machane is likely to be driven well back and that if Maastricht (3) doesn’t cross Born Again Sassy (1) at the start, Glenn Douglas is unlikely to let that horse across in transit & she looks very well placed indeed.

Best Value

Kotare Roland (Race 4 no. 12) $12 TAB Fixed Odds – Click here to bet on this horse now ($25 Each Way)
I was gobsmacked to see this bloke open at double figures after his stunning return to top form at Melton last week where he dominated a much easier field than he meets tonight, posting a 1:54.8 mile after working his way to the front. He gets the horror draw here and does step up sharply in class but he’s still my top tip and well worth backing Each way at his current quote.

Smudge Bromac (Race 7 no. 8) $4.60 ($25 Each Way)
There seems to have been an almost incomprehensible push for Have A Bender (3) in this race but the way I see things panning out, On The Razzle (1) will comfortably hold the lead from his polemarking draw and with little obvious pressure through the middle stages he should give the horse above every chance to get out & blouse his rivals at what looks to be handsome odds.

Best Roughies

Born Again Sassy (Race 5 no. 1) $15 TAB Fixed Odds – Click here to bet on this horse now ($5 x $20)
I don’t give this mare a big winning chance but she has been a huge improver of late and given the fact I think she can hold the top for as long as Glenn Douglas desires I think she’s well worth a 1x4 investment at the double figure odds.
Viewpoint (Race 10 no. 6) $21 ($5 by $20)
He is another one I wouldn’t think has a huge winning hope but the 25m separating he and Major Secret (8) isn’t as bad as it looks because there would have been at least that much between them w/ 800m to run and he wasn’t tested late. The hope here is that there will be a very genuine speed because if there is he has a little hope of winning and a big hope of finishing on the podium @ odds.

The Money Races

Race 1
As mentioned earlier, Youranut (1) should lead and win here and if he does hold the top Tara Toplady (8) should either finish second or third. I’m going to play very conservatively to maximise our dividend, so there is risk involved, but there may also be a pretty tidy reward.
1/ 8/ 2,5,9/ 2,3,5,6,9,10,11,12. $21 gets 100%
1/ 8/ 3,6,10,11,12/ 2,3,5,6,9,10,11,12. $17.50 gets 50%
1/ 2,5,9/ 8/ 2,3,5,6,9,10,11,12. $11.50 gets 54.76%

Race 7
Despite the mammoth support for Have A Bender (3) I’m sticking fat that On The Razzle (1) will lead, Smudge Bromac (8) will trail him and they will both finish in the top 3. With that in mind, here are a trio of First 4’s that should also pay very well should they come off.
1,8/ 1,8/ 2,3,9,10,11,12/ 2,3,9,10,11,12. $20 gets 33.33%
1,8/ 2,3,9,10,11,12/ 1,8/ 2,3,9,10,11,12. $20 gets 33.33%
3,10,11,12/ 1,8/ 1,8/ 2,3,9,10,11,12. $10 gets 25%


1,6,8,9,10,12/ 7/ 1,5,15/ 1,8. $36 gets 100%
1,6,8,9,10,12/ 1,3,5,12/ 1,5,15/ 1,8. $36 gets 25%
1,6,8,9,10,12/ 7/ 1,5,15/ 3,10,11,12. $18 gets 25%
1,6,8,9,10,12/ 1,3,5,12/ 1,5,15/ 3,10,11,12. $10 gets 3.47%

Good Form Preview - Friday Afternoon at Mildura

THE GAME PLAN for Mildura – with Michael Polster (@mickpolster)

This looks a great punting card where I think there are a stack of good things so I’ve come up with four Best Bets, a Best Quinella, a Money Race and a crack at the Quaddie as the best way to attack the meeting.  If all goes to plan we should have a nice little bank for Melton tonight.  Here we go!


Shes A Killer (Race 3 no. 1) $2.10                   $50 win
This mare comes off an impressive all-the-way success at Swan Hill last start where she showed good gate speed to lead and although she will find this harder with some pressure likely from Timeless Era I still think she will go wire-to-wire.

Amajorjo (Race 4 no. 4) $2.80                          $50 win
I know this guy has been disappointing of late and he has to overcome Johnny Quid but I’m tipping a vastly improved performance from him today on the back of a slashing trial hit out at Terang last Sunday where Matt Craven dropped the reins in the dustsheet and let him rip around Dalvui Raceway in blistering times.  It is time for him to stand up and I think he will.

Four Sisters (Race 6 no. 9) $2.50                     $50 win
Proven Group 1 winner who resumed from a break with a game second to Mammals Maker on this circuit 17 days back in a heat of the Vicbred Super Series and although she draws the back row over the 1780m she has lengths on these class wise and should be a shade too slick.

Goodtime Slater (Race 7 no. 1) $2.20                        $50 win
Smart 3YO in the Emma Steward barn who resumes from a brief spell without the benefit of a recent trial hit out but he has a touch of class about him and although there is some speed drawn to his outside he should do enough to keep the lead and from there I doubt they will run him down.


Race 5
Meet The Punisher (1) and Miss Ruthless (8)        x $50
This pair fought out the finish from the exact draws that they have today where Meet The Punisher led and Miss Ruthless trailed so with the high likelihood of them being in the same positions this time around they should run the Quinella once more.


Race 3
Shes A Killer has been in great form for Shayne Cramp and she looks set to continue on her winning way here with Timeless Era and Did It Alone likely to be in the breeze, behind leader respectively so I’m going to use them as a base for some First Fours.  Below is how I’m spending $50.

1/ 4,7/ 4,7/ 2,6.  $25 gets you 625%
1/ 4,7/ 2,6/ 4,7.  $15 gets you 375%
1/ 2,6/ 4,7/ 4,7.  $10 gets you 250%

QUADDIES X 2 $100 total spend
3,4/ 1,8/ 9/ 1.  $60 gets you 1500%
3,4/ 1,8/ 9/ 4,5.  $40 gets you 500%

The Game Plan for Mildura – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)
It’s not often that we have a Friday afternoon meeting @ Mildura these days but this one looks pretty handy from a betting point of view, with two Vicbred heats making up half the Quad and another couple of ideal punting affairs. I’m playing pretty conservatively given the focus on Melton tonight but I still think we can make some of the money back that’s gone west so far this week!

The Money Races
Race 3
This is a small field but with Shes A Killer (1) and Timeless Era (4) looking the only winning hopes I reckon we can structure one big First 4 here to get some folding for tonight’s ‘Fourtune’ promotion at Tabcorp Park.

1,4/ 1,4,7/ 1,4,6,7/ 1,2,4,6,7. $50 gets 312.5%

Race 5
It’s a little over a month since Meet The Punisher (1) & Miss Ruthless (8) drew 1 & 8, raced leader/behind leader & spaced their rivals over the final 400m. They also went one-two one run later and given they have drawn 1 & 8 once more and once again look a great chance of lobbing leader/behind leader, I’m happy to say they’ll run one-two or one-three at worst, so the below Trifectas should yield a profit.

1,8/ 1,8/ 2,3,4,5,6,9. $42 gets 350%
1/ 2,3,4,5,6,9/ 8. $8 gets 133.33%

3,4/ 1,8/ 6,9,10/ 1,4,5. $72 gets 200%
3,4/ 1,8/ 1,2,3,5,7/ 1,4,5. $28 gets 46.67%