Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Good Form Preview - Hump Day @ Shepparton

The Game Plan for Shepparton – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)

Much like today’s meeting, tonight’s card is light on for dead-set morals but littered with big Value players. In all, I’ve found four Value/Roughie options we can attack along w/ the Quads so this looks another great chance to sit back, relax and barrack for horses at odds that could well set us up for the weekend ahead.

Best Bet

Indi Bapu (Race 5 no. 1) $9

To be honest, I was gobsmacked to see this bloke at $9 in today’s Herald Sun as the only way I can see him missing a place is he’s he’s twice-crossed from the polemarking draw and given his good gate speed I can’t even see that happening tonight. If he leads or sits handy in the run I think he’ll be winning unless Kiwi recruit Ultimate Sheldon is better than his homeland from would suggest.

Best Value

Splendid Choice (Race 1 no. 6) $11 ($25 Each Way)

I’ll be fairly reliant on the start here but at his best this bloke is a short course specialist with excellent gate speed who could roll to the top and lead this lot a merry dance.

Mcrita (Race 2 no. 10) $8 ($25 Each Way)

The philosophy here is pretty simple in that I just think this filly is the best horse engaged and while I have respect for Pink Diamond Lombo (3) I can see her coming up way too short in relation to her current race record.

Idoido (Race 6 no. 6) $17 ($10 x $40)

He doesn’t win out of turn but his Christmas is coming soon and if the double figure quote holds up he’s worth something the win and plenty the place tonight.

Quaddies (x2)

2,3,4,6,7,10,11/ 1/ 6,8,9,10/ 2,3,4,8,10. $30 gets 21.43%

2,3,4,6,7,10,11/ 3,5,7,10,11/ 6,8,9,10/ 2,3,4,8,10. $70 gets 10%

Good Form Preview - Hump Day @ Horsham

The Game Plan for Horsham – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)

It seems weird at the minute to have an entire day/night bereft of Breeders Crown action but I’m hoping it won’t stop us making some coin on the punt. One big advantage in the return to normal transmission is that there’ll be very few red figure favourites and my plan for the day is to target just one Best Bet along with for Value/Roughie propositions and the Quad.

Best Bet

Hilltop Hustler (Race 5 no. 7) $2.20 ($50 Win)
I have to admit to getting it completely wrong when I tipped Annacondar to beat this bloke last start at Ballarat because he was unbelievably arrogant defeating my top tip (who was previously undefeated) by 32m and subsequent winner Another Elsu by almost 20m. You won’t get $2.20 but even if you’re getting $1.50 you can smash him mercilessly as I can’t see how he could possibly lose.

Best Value/ Roughies

Allawart Ugo (Race 3 no 10) $9 ($10 x $40)
This guy never runs a bad race, has a great record at this course (10: 3-3-0) and generally thrives from the strands so get on board today if the price is right.

Narra Operative (Race 4 no. 8) $11 ($25 Each Way)
This is a deep and even race where plenty can win but when it comes to real-deal Metropolitan form the others here can’t live with this bloke. The draw is a little awkward but if you’re getting anything like the price marked in today’s Herald Sun then get on board.

Indulgent (Race 7 no. 9) $8 ($25 Each Way)
Put simply, this bloke absolutely should have won his last start at Ballarat when he seemingly tripped over his own feet just as he was about to explode through a gap. Two runs prior to that he sat parked and just went under in a 1:55 mile at Maryborough and given there should be some fireworks at the start here I think he’s a wonderful Each way proposition.

Lombo Krista Bella ( Race 8 no. 3) $11 ($10 x $40)
This filly will have to contend with interesting Kiwi Galleons Warrior but I think she has superior form to all of her Aussie rivals and she too looks a super Each Way option at the juicy quote.


1,3,4,5,6,7,8/ 7/ 1,11/ 3,5,7,9,11. $86 gets 122.86%

1,3,4,5,6,7,8/ 7/ 2,3,7,9/ 3,5,7,9,11. $14 gets 10%

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Good Form Preview - Tuesday Night @ Bray

The Game Plan for Ballarat – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)
Tonight, Ballarat will host some of the southern hemisphere’s most talented juvenile pacers as they bid to qualify for a return visit to Bray Raceway for the Breeders Crown semi-finals on August 10. From a punting perspective it’s an interesting card where our best chance for glory looks likely to come by attacking one Best Bet at black figure odds plus three roughies and a quartet of quads where Our Sky Major will have to win if we’re to be successful.

Best Bet
Reign Of Pain (Race 7 no. 10) $2.60 ($50 Win)
This guy went unbelievably well through the Vicbred Super Series where he ultimately finished 2.2m third behind Guaranteed and Border Control in the $100,000 final after enjoying a cosy trip in transit. He was beaten but not disgraced last time out and in this sort of field he should be able to come three wide solo with 800m to go and still run past these with any luck at all.

Best Roughies
Master Mach Manus (Race 4 no. 3) $12 ($25 Each Way)
Psychologically, this bloke is a long way off where he needs to be if he’s going to make a Group 1 horse but he is brimming with talent and given the fact I’ve got big question marks over the NSW form following a couple of below par performances last week, I reckon this bloke can either bully his way to the front mid-race or come with one searching run and still prove tough to beat at the very juicy quote.

Claire Jasper (Race 5 no. 6) $13 ($10 x $40)
In an incredibly even race this mare has several things clearly in her favour. Number one is that she’ll be driven by legendary reinsman, Chris Alford, who is a master at getting them away from the stand, number two is that she handles the track having placed in three of six starts here, and number three is that she’s placed at each of her past three runs from the strands. That’s good enough for me to have something the win and plenty the place at the odds.

Lombo Flashlight (Race 5 no. 11) $11 ($10 x $40)
At his best, this bloke was placed in The Graduate behind Caribbean Blaster and Night Of The Stars and even now he boasts the best form in the race with close-up efforts of late behind Echeveria and Astronaut. The 20m is an obstacle but it’s largely offset by the fact almost all the field are off some sort of handicap in this comparatively small standing-start field.

Quaddies (x4)
2,3/ 4,6,8,9,11/ 2/ 10. $51 gets 510%
2,3/ 4,6,8,9,11/ 2/  3,6,7,8,12. $25 gets 50%
4,5,8/ 4,6,8,9,11/ 2/ 10. $15 gets 100%
4,5,8/ 4,6,8,9,11/ 2/ 3,6,7,8,11,12. $9 gets 10%

Black Booker (Racing Tonight)
Quick Draft (Race 3 no. 3) $1.50
The odds today tell the story but she was outstanding last start when sitting parked outside Mindarie Priddy and still reeling off the fastest last half (57.65) and quarter (27.39) of any filly in wither 2YO heat at Shepparton 10 days back. She’s the horse to beat t5onight and more than a smoky of taking out the Breeders Crown final on August 18. Click here to see her most recent run.

To view the sectional splits of every horse engaged in the Breeders Crown heats for 2YO fillies run at Shepparton on Saturday July 20, simply click here.

To view the sectional splits of every horse engaged in the Breeders Crown heats for 2YO colts and geldings run at Bendigo on Tuesday July 23, simply click here.

To view the sectional splits of every horse engaged in the Breeders Crown heats for 3YO colts and geldings run at Kilmore on Thursday July 25, simply click here.

To view the sectional splits of every horse engaged in the Breeders Crown heats for 3YO fillies run at Ballarat on Wednesday July 24, simply click here.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Good Form Preview - Breeders Crown Trotters Heats @ Maryborough

The Game Plan for Maryborough – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)
Maryborough is synonymous with the squaregaiters so it’s only fitting that the Breeders Crown heats for Two and Three-Year-Old Trotters should be staged at Carisbrook Raceway. There are plenty of stars on show today and most of them will be short priced favourites. I actually think a couple of them are vulnerable though so from a betting perspective we’re going to play pretty conservatively and try to snare some little, tasty fish.
The Money Races
Race 1
It’s no secret that Blitzthemcalder (6) will start $1.20 or shorter here and with ordinary luck he’ll be winning while Glenferrie Dreamer (4) and Invasive (5) are the obvious horses to fill second and third positions. I’m going to attack some First 4’s here, purely because I don’t think we’ll get enough out of Trifectas.
6/ 4/ 5/ Field. $15 gets 300%
6/ 4/ 1,2,3/ Field. $30 gets 200%
6/ 5/ 4/ Field. $5 gets 100%
Race 2
If Blitzthemcalder (6) is near to to a good thing in the first event today then Im Stately (5) is a stone cold stinking moral in this. He will bully these into submission and win by a space with Four Lillies (3) favoured to run second if she leads and hands up as expected and Guiltless (1) also well placed from the polemarking draw.
5/ 1,3/ 1,3,6/ 1,3,4,6,7,9,10. $40 gets 200%
5/ 1,3/ 4,7,9,10/ 1,3,4,6,7,9,10. $10 gets 25%
1/ 1,2,3,8,9,11/ 1,3,5,9/ 2,3,5,8,9. $70 gets 58.33%
5/ 1,2,3,8,9,11/ 1,3,5,9/ 2,3,5,8,9. $30 gets 25%

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Good Form Preview - Sunday Sesh @ G-town

The Game Plan for Geelong - with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)

Best Bets ($50 Win)

Keeping it simple tonight with two Best Bets and a Best Roughie which are also part of the Quaddie. Quite simply, my advice is to hit both of these pacers straight out and rely on at least one of the two to get up in the Quad

Nobetterthanthis (Race 4 no. 5) $3.60

This bloke would be one of the state's most talented maidens and even though he doesn't make things especially easy on himself he is certainly the one to beat once again tonight.

Manny Tiavon (Race 6 no. 2) $2.80

I've been following this guy in much better races than the one he faces tonight and given he is your likely leade as well as the in-form horse engaged it will be a big shock if he gets knocked over here.

Best Roughie ($10 x $40)

Another Ayjay (Race 5 no. 1) $11

At his best this bloke would go close to running favourite in this from the polemarking draw and after four runs back from a break I reckon he can hold the lead early and provide more than nuisance material in an otherwise tricky affair.

Quaddies (x3)

5/ 1,3,6,8,11/ 2/ 1,2,5,7,9. $50 gets 200%
5/ 1,3,6,8,11/ 1,12/ 1,2,5,7,9. $25 gets 50%
1,4/ 1,3,6,8,11/ 2/ 1,2,5,7,9. $25 gets 50%

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Good Form Preview - Satdy night @ Cranbourne

The Game Plan for Cranbourne - with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)

To be honest, I can't put my figure on exactly why tonight's programme is so succulent from a betting point of view, but who cares because it looks a goldmine as far as I can see. You could probably go hog-wild tonight but I'm going to target a skinny but almost risk-free All-Up, two Money Races and a couple of Quads and if we don't make some coin then I'll be doing dares!

All-Up ($100)

As mentioned, this won't pay the mortgage for the month but it should double our money which is never a bad thing.

Rule Like A King (Race 4 no. 3) $1.70 WIN

The only little question mark for this fellow is that he may not get the front but even if he doesn't he should still be winning this pretty comfortably regardless.

Baccarat (Race 8 no. 2) $1.20 WIN

I'm not hoping for any prizes tipping this guy. He is in a different league to his rivals here and has only gotten better w/ every run this campaign.

Classy Guy (Race 9 no. 2& Tandias Bromac (Race 9 no. 6) QUINELLA

Tandias Bromac (6) is probably close to a moral here but Classy Guy (2) will lead & it's likely to be both safer and more profitable to tie them up ina Quinella.

The Money Races

Race 5

This looks a dead-set three horse race where Jennas Highview (1), Real Performer (6) & Blue Seelster (11) should dominate the finish and it would be a surprise if ANY missed the top-four. With that in mind I'm having four First 4's for $100 which will allow for one of the trio to put in a below par performance but in reality I think they'll run 1-2-3.

1,6,11/ 1,6,11/ 1,6,11/ Field. $48 gets 133.33%
1,6,11/ 1,6,11/ Field/ 1,6,11. $36 gets 100%
1,6,11/ Field/ 1,6,11/ 1,6,11. $8 gets 22.22%
1,6,11/ 1,6,11/ Field/ Field. $8 gets 3%

Race 6

On facts & figures Im Living The Dream (5) shoudl have this race on toats but the truth is she isn't a 'winner' so while I expect she'll get the job done I think there's also a reasonable chance that just one horse will get by her in the lane so I'm playing two Trifectas for another $100 spend.

5/ 1,2,6,7/ 1,2,6,7,8. $60 gets 375%
1,2,6,7/ 5/ 1,2,6,7,8. $40 gets 250%

Quaddies (x2)

3/ 1,6,11/ 5/ 4,7,9. $45 gets 500%
3/ 1,6,11/ 1,2,6,7/ 4,7,9. $55 gets 152.78%

Friday, July 26, 2013

Good Form Preview - Friday Night @ HQ

The Game Plan for Melton – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)
If you’re a value punter there’s plenty for you to get excited about tonight with question marks over almost all of the favourites and wide open races the order of the night. In fact, such is the depth of tonight’s card that there are only two horse I can’t see losing and both will be at red figure odds. We will couple them together in a little All-Up while also attacking four Money Races and some quads. Also keep an eye out for the two Black bookers outlined beneath the Game Plan.

Best Bets/All-Up ($50)
We won’t be able to retire on this little All-Up but if it lobs we should get something like  $130 for a $50 outlay which isn’t bad at all. 

Brunelleschi (Race 2 no. 5) $1.80 – Click here to bet on this horse now
I actually think tonight’s assignment is a little harder than his Vicbred Super Series win last start purely because he isn’t a brilliant beginner and over the short course he’ll be forced to do a lot of chasing but having said that, he oozes class and should dominate this lot if he gets even the littlest bit of luck in transit.

Blazeaway Macray (Race 8 no. 1) $1.50 – Click here to bet on this horse now
This mare was awesome in the Vicbred Super Series for 4YO mares and was only beaten by two very smart rivals in the Jane Ellen last time out. Over the short course here she should lead them around and with any luck at all they won’t get near her in the lane.

The Money Races
Race 2
As mentioned above Brunelleschi (5) looks a class above his rivals while Sundons Promise (1) is a clear second pick from the draw and Zedalite (6) an outright third pick on talent alone. Expect that trio to dominate but have a few savers in case one of them is not quite at their best.

5/ 1/ 6. $15 gets 1500%
5/ 1/ 2,8,9,11,12. $25 gets 500%
5/ 6/ 1. $5 gets 500%
5/ 6/ 2,8,9,11,12. $5 gets 100%

Race 6
If Donegal Delight (1) finishes up no worse than the leader’s back here I think she will be winning but that’s a big if and with Inky Cullen (6) and Composed (9) both low flying I think they are the major dangers. Outside of that trio it’s a race without great depth, so we can play a couple of Trifectas and expect a result.

1,6,9/ 1,5,6,9,10/ 1,5,6,9,10. $41 gets 113.89%
1,6,9/ 1,5,6,9,10/ 4,8,11. $9 gets 25%

Race 8
As previously mentioned, I think Blazeaway Macray (1) looks pretty close to a cold, stone stinking moral here with class mare Louvre (3) and likely trailer The Midnight Reign (8) most likely to lob the silver medal role and plenty with some chance of sneaking into third.

1/ 3,8/ 2,3,6,7,8. $40 gets 500%
1/ 2,6,7/ 2,3,6,7,8. $10 gets 83.33%

Race 9
All things being equal Quite A Moment (5) should win this race and Rosalie Bay (3) should finish second. We are dealing with trotters here though so be prepared for disappointment if one or the other makes an error, because if they do, we are cactus. I’m confident they’ll do everything right though and help us finish the night on a high!
5/ 3/ 1,2,6,8,9. $30 gets 600%
3/ 5/ 1,2,6,8,9. $10 gets 200%
5/ 1,2,6,8,9/ 3. $10 gets 200%

6,7,8,11/ 2,3,5,6,7,11/ 1,5,6,9,10/ 4,7,9,10. $100 gets 20.83%

Good Form Preview - Friday @ Mildura

The Game Plan for Mildura – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)
Best Value ($10 x $15)
Fineandsunny (Race 2 no. 3) $5.50
She is yet to win a race but she’s been close up on several occasions & actually went within a whisker of beating a similar field to this from the top end three starts back. Shes’ no moral, but she’ll definitely run a race for you at handy Each way odds.
Bretaca (Race 8 no. 3) $6
This bloke isn’t the most reliable commodity going around but I see him rolling to the front here against some pretty average opposition and from there he should either lead all the way or at least hang on for a place and return our investment leading into tonight’s mouth-watering Melton card.
1,3,6,7/ 1,2,6,7/ 1,8,9/ 1,2,7,8,9. $100 gets 41.67%

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Good Form Preview - Thursday Night @ Kilmore

The Game Plan for Kilmore – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)
There are stars everywhere tonight and a bit like last night we will ride the guns pretty hard in search of a profit. Last night we ended up in the black but if one or two things had happened for us it could have been a massive programme on the punt. Here’s hoping (and expecting) that we get at least three of our four Money Races home and also jag the Quad before another monster metropolitan meeting tomorrow night at Melton.

The Money Races
Race 1
Sandy Kay (10) is a star on the rise that has her rivals here well and truly covered for class. She has done her best work in sit-sprint roles to date but can make her own luck here and still come out on top so rate her as a virtual moral with Blitzsuzy (11) most likely to fill another place on the podium.

10/ 11/ 1,2,6,8. $20 gets 500%
10/ 1,2,6,8/ 11. $18 gets 450%
10/ 1,2,6,8/ 1,2,6,8. $12 gets 100%

Race 4
Border Control (9) will go terribly close to starting favourite in the Breeders Crown Final for Classic-Age boys so this assignment poses little or no threat to him. Almost El Eagle (1) should run second unless he’s headed off at the start while Shakti Bromac (6), Major Calipso (11) and Burninupthestarzzz (8) are the other key runners.

9/ 1,6,11/ 1,6,8,11/ 1,2,4,6,8,10,11. $50 gets 111.11%

Race 6
Nowitzki (5) will start pretty short here but I think Must Be Nice (3) can make a race of it if he finds and holds the top in transit. They should dominate the race and there are limited chances of even filling a hole.

3,5/ 1,3,4,5/ 1,2,3,4,5. $44 gets 244.44%
3,5/ 1,3,4,5/ 6,9. $6 gets 50%

Race 7
Barrier draws have conspired to make this the toughest and most competitive Breeders Crown heat of the night. Having said that I do think one of Wounded (1), Magnificent Art (8) or Ginger Bliss (11) will win if everything pans out to plan.

1,8,11/ 1,8,9,11/ 1,4,6,7,8,9,11. $35 gets 77.78%
1,8,11/ 4,6,7/ 1,4,6,7,8,9,11. $15 gets 33.33%

9/ 7/ 3,5/ 1,8,11. $30 gets 500%
9/ 1,5,7/ 1,3,4,5/ 1,8,11. $36 gets 100%
9/ 7/ 3,5/ 4,6,7,9. $24 gets 200%
9/ 1,5,7/ 1,3,4,5/ 4,6,7,9. $10 gets 20.83%

Good Form Preview - Thursday @ Cobram

The Game Plan for Cobram – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)
There’s no sugar coating the fact that today’s programme is unbelievably difficult to get a handle on. There may be cases where TAB opens their fixed odds market and there are overs to be found, which I will Tweet about via @jasonbonnington but generally speaking I am just very keen to smash one runner Each Way and have a hopeful dip at some pretty wide old Quads.

Best Bet/ Best Value
Stonethachristian (Race 4 no. 10) $4.50 ($50 Each Way)
I already had this bloke as the horse to beat courtesy of his excellent recent form and versatility but yesterday’s races have made me think he’s close to a stone cold stinking moral. Last time out he battled on courageously after working out of the gate when beaten 14m by Spokeswoman and Rogers Passion. Yesterday at Charlton Spokeswoman again smashed her rivals in a better race than this while Rogers Passion was enormous running second to Our Femme Fatale in a heat of the Breeders Crown series. Get on board. End of story.

10/ 1,2,3,4,5,7,8/ 2,4,5,6,9/ 2,4,5,8,9,11. $42 gets 20%
1,3,8,11/ 1,2,3,4,5,7,8/ 2,4,5,6,9/ 2,4,5,8,9,11. $58 gets 6.9%

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good Form Preview - Breeders Crown Heat Night @ Ballarat

The Game Plan for Ballarat – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)
Best Bets/ All-Up
I’m suggesting you take a Formula 3 for $30 here which will cost you $90. To be honest, all of these should be winning but there have been an alarming number of shorties getting rolled of late, so I’m a little gun-shy. If you’re not, just have an All-Up and hope everything goes to plan!

Getya Wings Out (Race 3 no. 8) $2.40
She is awkwardly drawn tonight nut even so, she’s a class above almost all of her rivals here and given she never runs a bad race I think she’ll pop off the inside pretty early on and display her dominance over the final 400m.

Im Smouldering (Race 4 no. 6) $1.60
This would have been a great contest had Gypsy Babe (8) drawn better but the way the cards have fallen she should bully her way to the front and beat these with something in hand.

Burra Sullivan (Race 5 no. 6) $2.40
The only question mark with this bloke is that he’s first up from a break because if he’s anywhere near his best he’ll just keep going forward and they won’t see which way he went.

Annacondar (Race 9 no. 7) $1.60
This guy is unbeaten from three starts and just keeps getting better every time he goes around. I don’t think we’ll be getting $1.60 but if we do just load up and walk away with the loot.

The Breeders Crown-based Money Races
Race 1
The theory is simple here. Courageousnquick (4), Our Femme Fatale (5) and Jewel Castle (9) are just better than their rivals and should fight the finish out between them.

4,5,9 Boxed. $18 gets 300%
4,5,9/ 4,5,9/ 1,3,7,8. $32 gets 133.33%

Race 3
As mentioned above, Getya Wings Out (8) has the awful draw but she is a wonderfully consistent filly and the only way she gets beaten is if Lierre Noir (7) lives up to her very good potential.

8/ 7/ 1,2,4,5,6. $30 gets 500%
8/ 1,2,4,5,6/ 7. $10 gets 200%
7/ 8/ 1,2,4,5,6. $10 gets 200%

Race 4
Im Smouldering (6) won the battle of the barrier draws and should win the race as well. Gypsy Babe (8) and the underrated Magic Moment Lombo (5) look like fighting out second place.

6/ 5,8/ 1,5,8,10/ 1,3,4,5,8,9,10. $50 gets 166.67%

Race 8
Glenferrie Shuffle (8) is both mercurial & poorly drawn but she is all class on her day and should be winning this with even luck. They’re an even lot outside her though so play pretty wide in exotics.

8/ 1,4/ 1,3,4,6. $24 gets 400%
8/ 3,6/ 1,3,4,6. $12 gets 200%
8/ 1,4/ 2,7,9. $12 gets 200%
8/ 3,6/ 2,7,9. $2 gets 33.33%

Quaddies (x2)
6/ 6/ 5,9,10/ 1,2,3,4,7,8,9. $58 gets 276.19%
6/ 6/ 3,7,8,11,12,13/ 1,2,3,4,7,8,9. $42 gets 100%

Good Form Preview - Wednesday @ Charlton

The Game Plan for Charlton – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)
Best Bet
Lies (Race 1 no. 8) $2.40 ($50 Win)
This filly went really well in her first two runs but actually went to another level chasing home stars like Sandy Kay and Te Amo Bromac last time out. She will need a touch of luck from the draw but if she gets it then I can’t see them holding her out.

Money Races
Race 5
Rapid Art Beat (2) has been in super form at its past couple and should find the lead once more today. Once he does I think only the amazingly rejuvenated Indi Bapu (9) can roll him in the lane.

2,9/ 2,9/ 1,3,4,6,8. $30 gets 500%
2,9/ 1,3,4,6,8 / 2,9. $20 gets 500%

Race 6
If my Speed Map pans out to plan then Double Happy (2) should cross Keayang Falcon (1) and they’ll dominate from there. The latter horse should really win but Double Happy (2) has been in great form and will be suited by the leader-favouring Charlton track.

1/ 2/ 8. $20 gets 2000%
1/ 2/ 4,5,6,7. $20 gets 500%
2/ 1/ 8. $5 gets 500%
2/ 1/ 4,5,6,7. $5 gets 125%

9/ 2,9/ 1/ 4,7,10. $80 gets 1333.33%
9/ 2,9/ 2/ 4,7,10. $20 gets 333.33%

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Good Form Preview - Tuesday Night @ Bendigo

The Game Plan for Bendigo – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)
Tonight marks the real beginning of Breeders Crown fever w/ three heats for the baby male pacers headlining a high quality nine-race programme. From a punting perspective I’m going to throw the kitchen sink at tonight’s card too. In total, I’ve found a Best Bet at Black Figure odds, three Best Roughies, 3 Money Races & some Quads, so pull out the wallet & let’s get started.

Best Bet
Eliminator (Race 9 no. 9) $2.60 ($50 Win)
Put simply, this bloke is a class above the rivals he faces tonight and should be able to either park outside them or launch a three wide run from the 800m mark and still prove a shade too good.

Best Roughies
Marita Louise OK (Race 1 no. 11) $12 ($10 x $25)
I’ve had a big opinion of this mare for some time now and she’s done the right thing by me on more than one occasion, so I’m happy to be on her again tonight at the double-figure quote offered up in today’s Herald Sun.

Spinster Clare (Race 1 no. 4) $51 ($5 by $25)
This mare has a truly terrible figure formline but if she starts at 50 or 100 to 1 I’m happy to have a little something on that could yield a big windfall return. The reason for my confidence is that at her best, she is a blistering beginner from the mobile who would spear to the lead and run her rivals ragged, so if you love them at monster odds then have a little spec bet on this girl tonight.

Charlotte Two (Race 7 no. 10) $15 ($10 x $25)
We’ve gone with yet another mare here but this time it’s a pacing one. She is only small but she’s pretty talented and given the likely favourite Realy Under Fire (1) may find himself on struggle street from the draw, I’m happy to suggest she’s some chance of winning and a massive hope of landing a podium finish.

The Money Races
Race 2
2/ 1,3,9/ 1,3,8,9/ 1,3,4,5,8,9,10. $50 gets 111.11%

Race 3
2,6/ 2,6/ 1,3,8,9. $40 gets 500%
2,6/ 1,3,8,9/ 2,6. $10 gets 125%

Race 6
3,4/ 3,4/ 2,6,8,9,11. $30 gets 300%
3,4/ 2,6,8,9,11/ 3,4. $20 gets 200%

Quaddies (x3)
3,5,7,8/ 10/ 2,3,4,6/ 1. $28 gets 175%
3,5,7,8/ 10/ 2,3,4,6/ 2,3,6,10. $32 gets 50%
3,5,7,8/ 2,3,7,8,9/ 2,3,4,6/ 1. $40 gets 50%

Monday, July 22, 2013

Good Form Preview - Monday @ Stawell

The Game Plan for Stawell – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)
The highlight of today’s programme will be The Maori Legend where rising superstar Im Stately will take on talented Kiwis Dieu De Lamour and Bad Habbott amongst others but from a punting perspective I reckon there’s one Best bet which should start at black figures plus a couple of Money Races and some Quads that we should focus our attention upon.

Best Bet
Cheesy Grin (Race 7 no. 10) $2.50
There are a few that will start shorter then this bloke today but I’m sick of horses at red figure odds getting rolled over the past week or so I’m happy to make this guy my Best Bet of the day. The main reasons why I’m so keen is that he has been awesome in all three runs this campaign, and that includes his last start defeat at Tabcorp Park, he’s versatile enough to overcome the shonky draw and having twice won at Mt Gambier, he’ll handle Stawell’s tight turning track.

The Money Races
Race 3
Those who have backed Mumma Mia Lombo (2) at short odds in her two runs so far this campaign will be very wary but if she finds the front as expected here then she gets yet another chance to break through on a track that should suit her style of racing down to the ground. If she gets held out early we’re in strife but if things pan out to plan, one of the two Tricks below should be winning.

2/ 1,8,9,11/ 1,8,9,11. $40 gets 333.33%
1,8,9,11/ 2/ 1,8,9,11. $10 gets 83.33%

Race 7
As mentioned above, I’ve got a pretty big opinion of Cheesy Grin (10) and wasn’t the least bit disappointed by his first failure this prep at Melton last time out where they ripped home in 55.8 while he was wide out on the track. I think he’ll prove too strong here and if he doesn’t quite get the job down he’ll be finishing second at worst so take the Trifectas below and we should be getting a result.

10/ 1,8,9,11/ 1,4,7,8,9,11. $40 gets 200%
1,8,9,11/ 10/ 1,4,7,8,9,11. $10 gets 50%

Quaddies (x2)
2,4,5,11/ 2,3,6,7,8,9/ 8/ 10. $48 gets 200%
2,4,5,11/ 2,3,6,7,8,9/ 8/ 1,8,9,11. $52 gets 54.17%

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Good Form Preview - Sunday Sesh @ Cranbourne

The Game Plan for Cranbourne - with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)
When I first looked at today's guide I thought it looked like a goldmine but on closer inspection it's far more tricky than first thought. Having said that, I do believe that if we attack a Dean Braun-inspired all-up @ skinny odds and a quartet of Quads we should double our $200 outlay to help kick off another week on the punt!
Best Bets/ All-Up ($100)

Jennas Highview (Race 3 no. 1) $1.30
She just looks a class above her rivals and whether she leads from the get-go or gets crossed early by Elle Jasper before affecting a re-take I think she's almost over the line.

Rule Like A King (Race 5 no. 10) $1.40
If Jennas Highview is almost a moral then this bloke is a stone cold certainty. Briiliantly placed as is traditional with Braun, this bloke should have way too much class for moderate rivals so one-out him in all your Quads as well.

Quaddies (x4)

2,6,7/ 10/ 1/ 7. $45 gets 1500%

2,6,7/ 10/ 1/ 6,9,10,11. $24 gets 200%

2,6,7/ 10/ 5,7,8/ 7. $27 gets 300%

2,6,7/ 10/ 5,7,8/ 6,9,10,11. $4 gets 11.11%


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Good Form Preview - Saturday @ Quest

The Game Plan for Shepparton - with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)

Best Bet

Te Amo Bromac (Race 5 no. 3) $1.40 ($50 Win)

This Kiwi filly was beaten as a red figure favourite at her Aussie debut last start but she has drawn even better in a slightly easier field here and should make amends with any luck at all.

Best Value

Sword And Pistol (Race 3 no. 3) $4.50 ($25 Each Way)

This guy has always had his fair share of talent and resumes here into a race where he'll almost certainly find the front. Modern Max (5) and Big Zee (2) will both be tough nuts to crack but he will be in the right spot and is worth an Each Way lash.

Best Roughie

Niquero (Race 7 no. 1) $14 ($10 x $40)

Sometimes races are made for certain horses and for this bloke a 1690m C4 to C5 race where he's drawn barrier one is it. The last time he raced at this course he sat in behind the leader and bloused his rivals in the lane and w/ similar tactics likely tonight have something the win on him and plaenty for the place.

The Money Race - Race 6

If all is well with her then Mindarie Priddy (7) should be winning this and even if she isn't I can't see her finishing worse than second. Given what's at stake here I'm tipping she'll come out on top but play two Trifectas and you should come out on top.

7/ 4,10/ 2,3,4,10,11. $40 gets 500%
4,10/ 7/ 2,3,4,10,11. $10 gets 125%

Quaddies (x2)

2,3,5/ 3/ 7/ 1,2,4,5,7. $52 gets 346.67%
2,3,5,11/ 3/ 7/ 1,2,3,4,5,7. $24 gets 100%
2,3,5,11/ 3/ 4,10/ 1,2,3,4,5,7. $24 gets 50%

Star Triallers (Racing Tonight)

Kapalua Beach (Race 5 no. 9) $16

This filly has won three trials in three weeks to prepare her for this first-up tilt and while she isn't a big winning hope she must be included in exotics and should be kept safe throughout the Breeders Crown series.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Good Form Preview - Friday Night @ Tabcorp Park

Adam Hamilton's Melton Preview

The Game Plan for Melton – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)
Tonight’s Tabcorp Park meeting is absolutely ripe for the picking so while we’ve had a pretty unsatisfying week I’m going to put my neck on the chopping block and almost guarantee a week-salvaging comeback at HQ tonight! In all I think I’ve found three horses who are almost over the line plus another two I’m also confident can get the job done. Add to that two value players, one roughie, three Money Races and some Quads and I think there could be a demolition job on the cards tonight.

Best Bets
As mentioned above, I’ve found five horses I’m very bullish about but there are three in particular I just can’t see losing, so my advice is to have an All-Up with those three and a Formula 4 with all 5 legs.

Washmepockets (Race 2 no. 6) $1.90 – Click here to bet on this horse now
Geoff Webster’s pocket rocket isn’t far off FFA level when racing at his best and while he takes on some handy Claimers here I think that Brosnan can just bully forward at the start here and whether he leads or sits parked I think he’ll get the prize.

Real Bonus (Race 5 no. 4) $2.80 – Click here to bet on this horse now
Victoria’s most improved mare was narrowly touched off in the Vicbred Super Series Final for 4YO Mares last start but she looks a mighty chance of rolling to the top and leading her rivals a merry dance over the sprint trip here if everything pans out to plan.

Magnificent Art (Race 11 no. 5) $1.50 – Click here to bet on this horse now
Put simply, this bloke is a class above his rivals and whether he’s forced to sit parked or gets gifted the lead early on he should be a fair bit too strong for his rivals here tonight.

Next Best Bets
Astronaut (Race 1 no. 3) $2.80 – Click here to bet on this horse now
This guy looks the almost certain leader in a race of little pressure and if he pinches a quarter early on as I expect he will then it will take a big performance to see him run down for mine.

Classic Bliss (Race 4 no. 6) $5 TAB Fixed Odds – Click here to bet on this horse now
My Twitter followers will know I jumped on this girl at $6.50 and I’m mesmerised she’s not favourite for the race. In a nutshell, she loves short course racing, produced the biggest performance of any runner in last week’s heats for this race and draws to lead with little if any fuss, so something dramatic would have to go wrong for her not to figure in the finish.

Best Value
Cold Sister (Race 6 no. 12) $4.80 TAB Fixed Odds – Click here to bet on this horse now.
Very plainly, she is Victoria and Australia’s best trotting mare and the fact that she’s third elect for this race is bizarre in my opinion. She may not be going as well as she was but she’s still a class above all but Waikare Patricia (13) here tonight.

Im Barney Rubble (Race 7 no. 4) $7.50
My confidence levels aren’t quite as high with this guy but he is an impressive type who should find the lead with relative ease tonight and if there’s a hint of cat and mouse at the back of the field and he pinches a section they may find it hard to mow him down. You’ll want the $7.50 I marked him at in today’s paper but if you get it, get on Each Way tonight.

Best Roughie
Pinevale Willpower (Race 4 no. 8) $21 TAB Fixed Odds – Click here to bet on this horse now
I’ve already mentioned that I’m keen on Classic Bliss (6) in this race but given I marked this guy $6.50 and he’s opened at $21 I’d also be keen to have something the win and plenty the place on him at the silly odds.

The Money Races
Race 5
I’m sniffing a big case of peg-domination here with Real Bonus (4) working to the lead and Born Again Sassy (1) and Exciteusinthecity (9) acting as dangers in behind. Take the below Trifectas and you should come out on top.

4/ 1,9/ 1,9. $40 gets 2000%
4/ 1,9/ 2,3,10,12. $40 gets 500%
1,9/ 4/ 1,9. $10 gets 500%
1,9/ 4/ 2,3,10,12. $10 gets 250%

Race 9
I’ve got this pegged as a total four-horse race with a fifth runner capable of filling a hole with luck. Just the one bet here and it’s a First 4 that could pay handsomely.

3,4,6,7/ 3,4,6,7,10/ 3,4,6,7,10/ 3,4,6,7,10. $50 gets 52.08%

Race 11
The theory here is that Magnificent Art (5) is your almost certain winner and there’s only two other runners I think can fill second place.

5/ 1,2/ 1,2. $30 gets 1500%
5/ 1,2/ 7,8,10. $60 gets 1000%
1,2/ 5/ 1,2,7,8,10. $10 gets 125%

2,5,6,7,8,9/ 1,4,9/ 12,13/ 4,9,10,12,13. $76 gets 42.22%
2,5,6,7,8,9/ 1,4,9/ 2,4,8/ 4,9,10,12,13. $24 gets 10%

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Good form preview - Thursday @ Bray Raceway

The Game Plan for Ballarat – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)

Best Bets/ Formula 4

Bettors Package (Race 2 no. 8) $1.50

It Is Billy (Race 3 no. 5) $1.60

Tara Tom (Race 5 no. 3) $2.50

Nobetterthanthis (Race 6 no. 1) $2.80

Magical Molly (Race 7 no. 7) $2.50

My Petite Gem (Race 8 no. 1) $2.50

The Money Races

Race 3

5/ 6/ Field. $30 gets 500%

6/ 5/ Field. $10 gets 200%

5/ Field/ 6. $10 gets 200%

Race 5

3,4,8,9,12 Boxed. $40 gets 66.67%

3,4,8,9,12/ 3,4,8,9,12/ 2,6,10. $10 gets 16.67%


3,7/ 3,4,8,9,12/ 1,6,9,10,12/ 7. $50 gets 100%

1,4,5,6/ 3,4,8,9,12/ 1,6,9,10,12/ 7. $50 gets 50%
* CAVEAT: if you get to the last leg and the divvies are huge; lay off on the ones you see as dangers to Magical Molly.

Good Form Preview - Thursday @ Kilmore

The Game Plan for Kilmore – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)

Best Value

Aloha Don Ho (Race 4 no. 11) $4

Quaddies (x2)

3,5,6,8,11/ 1,2,6,7,13/ 13/ 2. $50 gets 200%

 3,5,6,8,11/ 1,2,6,7,13/ 1,2,5,7/ 2. $50 gets 50%

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Good Form Preview - Wednesday night @ Swan Hill

The Game Plan for Swan Hill – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)

Best Bets/All-Up ($50 All-Up)
Mumma Mia Lombo (Race 1 no. 2) $1.70
Aldebaran Macha (Race 6 no. 5) $1.60

Best Value ($25 Each Way)
Drunken Desire (Race 7 no. 10) $6

Best Roughie ($10 x $40)
Malabe Art (Race 5 no. 1) $12

1,2,6,10,12/ 1,2,5/ 5/ 6,7,10. $67.50 gets 150%
1,2,6,10,12/ 1,2,5/ 6,12/ 6,7,10. $33.50 gets 37.22%

The Game Plan for Melton – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)

Best Bet

Fifth And Broadway (Race 5 no. 7) $2.40 ($25 Win)

Artoc (Race 7 no. 7) $2.50 ($25 Win)

Best Roughies

Madam Devine (Race 3 no. 8) $17 ($5 x $20)

Lombo Krista Bella (race 4 no. 9) $17 ($5 x $20)


2,3,4,6,7,8,9/ 7/ 4,6,7/ 7. $21 gets 100%

2,3,4,6,7,8,9/ 2,6,9/ 4,6,7/ 7. $42 gets 66.67%

2,3,4,6,7,8,9/ 7/ 4,6,7/ 5,6,8,10,11. $37 gets 35.24%

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Good Form Preview - Tuesday @ Ararat

The Game Plan for Ararat – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)
To be deadly honest, this is a very difficult meeting on which to find winners with moderate races, and moderate horses, the order of the night, but even having said that I think if we hand pick a few little bets and have a genuine crack at the Quad (which looks the best way to make some folding all night) I think we can still end up in front.

Best Bets
Wealthy Warrior (Race 2 no. 5) $3 ($25 Win)
I’ve already mentioned the fields aren’t overly strong tonight and tis bottom-up C1 is a great example of that fact, but the above pacer just seems to be going a little bit better than his rivals and the combination of his front line draw and the engagement of gun reinsman Daryl Douglas should be enough to see him get the prize.

Barkers Hall (Race 4 no. 4) $2.40 ($25 Win)
This guy thrives under very situation specific scenarios which normally include a front line draw, the short course trip and a lack of obvious pressure once he finds the front. He only gets the front line draw here but to offset the other factors he returns to Ararat where he is unbeaten from three starts and given he should spear straight to the top and just keep running from there I get the feeling he’ll be very hard to beat.

Best Value
Bronco Apache (Race 3 no. 3) $8.50 ($10 x $15)
This bloke was backed as though virtually unbeatable in what looked a very weak from race at Bendigo Saturday night on the back of a handy trial effort and even though he didn’t get the prize there, he went well enough to suggest that he can measure up here with that run under his belt. There are dangers however so back him Each Way if you’re getting a decent price.

Best Roughie
Bubble Art (Race 7 no. 6) $14 ($5 x $20)
This guy is certainly better suited to stand start races where he can lead early, take a trail and take full advantage of an ice cold trip but he’s going well enough right now that if there’s genuine speed throughout as expected, he can finish into minor money at least.

The Money Race – Race 7
5,6,8,9 Boxed Trifecta. $50 gets 216.67%

3,4/ 3,5,7,9,10/ 4,9,10,11/ 5,6,8,9. $100 gets 62.50%

Black Booker
Exotic Guy (Race 1 no. 3) $4
This bloke was kept safe in betting and never got a genuine crack at his rivals in a stronger race than this one at Yarra Valley on debut. The exposed form here isn’t strong and if you’re getting $4 then he’s well worth another chance. Click here to view his luckless debut effort.