Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Good Form Preview - Hump Day @ Stawell

The Game Plan for Stawell – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)

Best Bets/ Formula 2
There’s method to the madness here as by my calculations we’ll end up square if two of the below runners win, so play a Formula 2, aim for square (with very little risk) and lap up the profits if all three get the chocolates!

Forty Seven Flash (Race 3 no. 3) $1.40
I’m not really helping too many punters out here, but to say this bloke is a moral is probably something of an understatement. His record is just superior to those of his rivals and from the handy draw he should bully his way to the top and lead this lot a merry dance.

Run Ripalong (Race 4 no. 2) $2.80
It’s only a small field but this bloke can lead, lead and hand-up or drop out at the start and be the one to beat regardless of which way Kerryn goes. There are a few tough types engaged here but they don’t have his speed so look for him to reel his rivals in at the death.

Indulgent (Race 5 no. 11) $2.40
This bloke was an ultra-impressive heat winner for this race last start and simply has more ability than his rivals. Add to that fact that he’s tough enough to circle these pretty early, sit parked and still be too good and that’s a good enough reason to get involved today.

The Money Race – Race 5

I identified this as the Money Race within 2 minutes of looking at the guide. The Speed Map should rule here with Burston Holme (4) leading Kinky Boots (1) on his back & Indulgent (11) circling the field soon after the start. They should just dominate from there but we’ve played a couple of savers in case something else runs in for third.

1,4,11/ 1,4,11/ 1,4,11. $48 gets 800%
1,4,11/ 1,4,11/ 3,6. $42 gets 350%
1,4,11/ 1,4,11/ 7,10. $10 gets 83.33%

Quaddies (x4)

2/ 11/ 1,2,5,6,7,8,10/ 2,3,6,8,10. $35 gets 100%
2/ 1,4/ 1,2,5,6,7,8,10/ 2,3,6,8,10. $21 gets 33.33%
3,5,6,7/ 11/ 1,2,5,6,7,8,10/ 2,3,6,8,10. $44 gets 31.43%

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