Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Good Form Preview - Tuesday Night @ Ararat

The Game Plan for Ararat – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)
Tonight’s eight-race Ararat card is short on living morals but that may just mean that we’ll get better value from the three Best Bets we’ve combined into a Formula 2 bet. To keep the card interesting we’ll also have a little Place-only lash at a couple of Best Roughies and try to jag what appears a challenging Quad.

Best Bets/ Formula 2 ($60 gets $20 units)
Earl Of Charity (Race 1 no. 13) $4.20
This bloke may have to contend with the 40m handicap over 2175m at a tight winding track but he is low flying at the minute and if he puts his best foot forward here then $3 is a more than good enough price.

George Street Lad (Race 2 no. 8) $4.20
A sit-sprint specialist who can genuinely reel of a quarter when he’s right, this guy looks another great value play. In an ideal world he’ll end up behind the leader but even if he’s three pegs I wouldn’t give up hope.

Cheesy Grin (Race 5 no. 4) $1.90
Put simply, this bloke would be among the winning hopes in the C3-C4 fast class feature of the night so the fact he’s slipped into this C2 affair means he should be too good. There’s little doubt he’s not going as well as he can but if he can’t win this tonight he probably needs a break.

Best Roughies ($20 Place)
Family Decision (Race 1 no. 2) $14
As mentioned above, we’re only going to have little dips here and this guy looks worthy of a gentle interest bet based on his good recent form and favourable draw.

Vinnies Jet (Race 7 no. 9) $14
In a wide open race this guy looks an even better hope of landing on the podium and if we’re travelling well by the time his race comes around then have something tiny for the win on him as well.

The Quads (x3)
4,6,7/ 4/ 1,4,7,8,9/ 4,5,6,7,9,11. $50.50 gets 56.11%
1,2,3/ 4/ 1,4,7,8,9/ 4,5,6,7,9,11. $22.50 gets 25%
4,6,7/ 3,6,9/ 1,4,7,8,9/ 4,5,6,7,9,11. $27 gets 10%

Star Trialler (Racing Tonight)
Raw Steel (Race 3 no. 1) $4
He’s yet to show it in two career runs but this bloke does have talent, as evidenced by two encouraging recent trials. In the first of those hit-outs he rolled Ubringthedrinks at this course and in the second he finished just behind Bubble Art in a 58.6-sec last half. That looks like great form for a CO only event on a Tuesday afternoon

Kilmore September 3: Pontificate $17 into $4.80 (1st)
($100 each way @ $17; $200 @ $12; $300 @ $6.50).

Albion Park September 2: Skippy Saddler $3.50 into $2 (1st);
Gloucester Park September 3: What The Blazes $2.50 into $1.40 (1st);
Wagga September 6: Knightsmile $3 into $2 (1st);
Ballarat September7: Rosa Mach $26 into $12 (1st);
Albion Park September 7: One Eyed Terror $4.80 into $3.20 (1st).

Pinjarra September 2: Franco Nasser $11 into $4.50 (unplaced);
Menangle September 3: Western Union $2.80 into $1.50 (unplaced);
Gloucester Park September 3: Andos V C $21 into $5.50 (3rd);
Gold Coast September 5: Chang Mai $2.80 into $1.60 (2nd);
Gold Coast September 6: Best Bits $3.60 into $1.70 (3rd).

Ballarat September 7: Sunset Truscott $100 at $61 ($6000+ return);
Penrith September 5: Tanner $150 at $31 ($4500+);
Menangle September 3: Chevaux Rainbow $1500 at $3.80 ($4200+);
Newcastle September 6: Rollon Red Rocket $500 at $9 ($4000+);
Gloucester Park September 6: Shardons Rocket $500 at $7.50 ($3250+).

Kilmore September 3: Regal Knight $4000 at $2.10;
Gold Coast September 5: Ravishing Reward $4000 at $1.85;
Menangle September 3: Western Union $3500 at $1.65;
Ballarat September 7: Exotic Native $3499 at $2;
Menangle September 7: Murphy Maguire $3000 at $1.75.

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