Saturday, October 12, 2013

Good Form Preview - Geelong Rocket Night @ Beckley Park

The Game Plan for Geelong - with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)

Tonight's card is fairly run of the mill aside from one extraordinary race: The Geelong Rocket featuring Five Star Anvil, Melpark Major, Jaccka Clive & Abettorpunt. From a punting perspective we're going to play pretty conservatively but there's still a great chance to come out on top so take the All-Up below along w/ the 2 Best Roughies, 1 Money Race and 4 Quads & you should add to whatever you won on Guineas Day at Caulfield or make up for the losses suffered there.

Best Bets ($50 All-Up)

Arber (Race 2 no. 5) $1.80

Put simply, this guy is a class above his rivals here tonight. In fact he even set the new track benchmark for 2100m here four starts back so unless The Red Opal (2) gets the world's softest lead, he should be winnign with a leg in the air.

No Responsibility (Race 8 no. 2) $2.20
I probably need my head read declaring a horse who's never finished first or second in 45 starts but he's in great nick and simply couldn't have found a weaker field so get on board and hopefully he learns how to win.

Best Roughies ($25 Place)

Let Memphis Loose (Race 6 no. 1) $9

I've just got a feeling that this bloke will get a very soft lead from the polemarking draw and if he does there's every chance he'll finish on the podium at $4 or more the place.

Garnet River (Race 7 no. 8) $14
This wager is completely reliant upon Five Star Anvil (1) keeping his rivals wide and this guy following him through to trail the speed throughout. Don't break the bank but have a little interest bet on him falling into second or third spot at odds.

The Money Race - Race 2 ($100 Flexi Trifectas)

We've already mentioned the fact that Arber (5) should be winning here and both The Red Opal (2) and Voce (4) really shoudl be filling the placings but there are a few different scenarios so play the tricks below & you should not miss the prize.

5/ 2,4/ 2,4. $60 gets 1500%
5/ 2,4/ 1,3,7,8. $32 gets 200%
2/ 5/ 4. $4 gets 200%
2/ 5/ 1,3,7,8. $4 gets 50%

The Quads

3,4,6,7,8/ 6,7,8,11/ 7,9/ 1. $40 gets 100%
3,4,6,7,8/ 6,7,8,11/ 5,6/ 1. $12 gets 30%
3,4,6,7,8/ 6,7,8,11/ 7,9/ 9,10,11. $36 gets 30%
3,4,6,7,8/ 6,7,8,11/ 5,6/ 9,10,11. $12 gets 10%

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