Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Good Form Preview - Yarra Valley

The Game Plan for Yarra Valley with Andrew Evans (@AndrewEvansHRV)

Best Bets ($100 All Up Win)
(Race 5 no.6 Astronaut)
This guy is tough, inform and makes his own luck and looks extremely hard to beat in the small field.
(Race 7 no.1 Frank the Duck)
This guy has been impressive with two good wins since arriving in Australia a few months back. He should have enough speed to hold the lead here and from there he will be very hard to beat. 
Best Value ($50 Each Way)
(Race 4 no.4 Tenfour)
This guy should have the speed to find the lead here over the sprint trip and after a few luckless runs in tougher races he looks a great chance at a good price in an open race.
Money Race
Race 2
1,2 (Box Exacta $50)

The Quads (x4)
1,2,4/ 6/ 3,4,5,11/ 1 $35 gets 291.67%
1,2,4/ 1,7/ 3,4,5,11/ 1 $35 gets 145.83% 
1,2,4/ 6/ 3,4,5,11/ 2,8,11 $15 gets 62.50%
1,2,4/ 1,7/ 3,4,5,11/ 2,8,11 $15 gets 20.83% 

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