Monday, November 18, 2013

Good Form Preview - Monday @ Stawell

The Game Plan for Stawell – with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington)
There may only be six races up for decision at Stawell today but I see no reason whatsoever why we can’t still make a tidy profit, because the card as a whole looks very kind on paper. Rather than rely on an All-Up or Formula bet today I’m just going to back every one of my Best Bets that have been marked in black figures straight out while also smashing the programme’s only final and also isolating Kickittochris in a quartet of Quads.

Best Bets ($50 Win)
Sapper Ford (Race 2 no. 9) $4
From any other draw I’d be absolutely declaring that bloke but he will have his challenges from inside the line around the tight Stawell circuit. He does however have top reinsman Matty Craven to offset that obstacle and if he get out and running I think he’ll mow this lot down late.

Mayorofshinetown (Race 5 no. 9) $3.75
I would be declaring this bloke as well if he’d drawn the front line but at the end of the day, his second row draw might just mean better odds for us. Put simply, he’s been racing in better class than most if not all of his rivals here and if he follows through to lob handy it’s hard to see them holding him out late.

Mister Rufus (Race 6 no. 5) $3.75
If you put a line through this guy’s last start failure on Kilmore Cup Day then his form just reads better than his rivals here for mine and given his grinding style he should be very well suited to this tight-turning circuit.

The Quads (x4)
6/ 4/ 2,7,9/ 5,9. $28 gets 466.67%
6/ 4/ 2,7,9/ 1,2,3,6,7,10. $18 gets 100%
6/ 1,3,10/ 2,7,9/ 5,9. $36 gets 200%
6/ 1,3,10/ 2,7,9/ 1,2,3,6,7,10. $18 gets 33.33%

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